Friday, December 30, 2011

How dose time just slip by?

I can not believe that it has been almost a year. There has been more days then I care to admit too, that I have came so close to back sliding. What am I talking about you say?! "Stopped Smoking," of course! Well I had decided on this last year, I was worrying about how my family and friends would act about it. Well they have stood with me all the way. Trying to stay down wind of me and not get to close when they had just finished one, I for one can tell you there is nothing smellier then someone just after they have had a smoke. I never really realized how bad I was smelling till I had quit! Or how it carried on everything I had been around. 

What surprised me the most, was when two of my friends followed me a month or so later. Paul is always making comments on how he will never go back! I am very proud of him and Venieca, haveing to live with Elad and his not realizing how hard he has made it for them, but hopefully he will get the message soon and follow the rest of us.

That brings me to a very happy thing! Robert is calling it quits Saturday night!! After his fathers death, it got a point across and scared the hell out of him. So he has set his date! I know he is going to be a bear, but I also know that he can do it. He may not believe me, but I am there for him and, so understand!! I love you Robert, bunchies and bunchies!

Now to everyone out there I say, "Here is to your New Year. I hope, and pray for some of you, that the next year brings advancements and happiness, good health and growing love. That things start to work in your favor and the fates mind their own path for awhile!"