Friday, March 23, 2012

Still a blind eye have we.

Long ago I learned that in this game, as in life no one is willing to accept fault. Even when it has flashing lights and warning bells. It is always someone else fault. So, in so keeping here is what I saw last game.

Still a blind eye have we.

Mistakes have been made,
Lives have been lost.

But who is willing to accept?

Each one of us,
Have been marked.

What was it, that brought us here?

Can any of us look inside?
Will any of us stop and think?

The hands of fate.

Cold hands reach out for each,
Judgments’ scales wait for us.

When was the beginning?

Can any of us truly say,
It did not start with me!

Where did it start?

The boat, the island or crypt?
Or could it have began before even then?

By who?

Think before you accuse,
Listen before you convict.


Back to the beginning.
Who is willing to accept fault?