Saturday, November 26, 2011


I really don't know what it is about holidays that are so hard? At least that is what i use to think. Now I understand that it is hard in lots of different ways for many people. For me it's the feeling of being alone. Not that I am, but that is how I feel. Holidays are for family. Like it was when I was a kid. At Nana's and Papa's, the family would come together from all over. We would have dinners and play games and just be together like a family should. Now they are gone and the family is scattered all over the world. I understand that life goes on, it has too. But it hurts at the same time. I have tried to make other family traditions, but that hasn't worked well at all. One sided a tradition dose not make. So there is my problem, what to do. I know that I take it out on those around me, and this is not fair to them. But at the same time I have locked myself away from the holidays to the point now, that I get angry if anyone tries to talk to me about them. This can not be good for me at all! (So anyone out there who thinks I am mad at them or are mad at me because of something I may say for the next month and some? I am sorry!) 

Now this may be an old pic, but this is my memories of, family coming together on the holidays. So to all of you out there, Happy Holidays.