Sunday, November 27, 2011


 Now tell me how dose a sweet little puppy like this trun into........

This? Now I know there are some of you who have watched her grow up too. But damn she is getting bigger everyday. She just had he sconded birthday this month! But it's not the size that is the issue here.....

It is that she thinks she is a lap dog. Please she weight 80# now. But with the amount of love that she has brought to this house, I shouldn't complain.

But I do have to admit. I miss how little she was. Even if it was only for a few months. Now that she is all grown.....Life is getting more interesting everyday.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I really don't know what it is about holidays that are so hard? At least that is what i use to think. Now I understand that it is hard in lots of different ways for many people. For me it's the feeling of being alone. Not that I am, but that is how I feel. Holidays are for family. Like it was when I was a kid. At Nana's and Papa's, the family would come together from all over. We would have dinners and play games and just be together like a family should. Now they are gone and the family is scattered all over the world. I understand that life goes on, it has too. But it hurts at the same time. I have tried to make other family traditions, but that hasn't worked well at all. One sided a tradition dose not make. So there is my problem, what to do. I know that I take it out on those around me, and this is not fair to them. But at the same time I have locked myself away from the holidays to the point now, that I get angry if anyone tries to talk to me about them. This can not be good for me at all! (So anyone out there who thinks I am mad at them or are mad at me because of something I may say for the next month and some? I am sorry!) 

Now this may be an old pic, but this is my memories of, family coming together on the holidays. So to all of you out there, Happy Holidays.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lost at what to do?

On 11-10-11 I slipped on the frost that had built up on the wheel chair ramp at a clients home in Mapleton at about 12:27 pm, at least that is what the clock said when I finally got back to the truck, I had to sit for awhile before I got up. I really thought that I had gotten away with out getting to hurt, but as time has gone by, my knee is getting more and more painful to walk on. I had Robert get the knee brace out of the truck for me last night to see if that would help? Well it did as long as I was sitting still, but walking, not really all that much.

Well anyway, the clients daughter, I guess she had seen me walk by the window, came out to see what had happened to me and she, this is kind of fun, freaked. She came running out to try and help me. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big girl. Well this woman was not, but she meant well. I sat on the end of the ramp for a few minutes and got my breath back, that was a very cold place to sit, being as it was in full shade and had been all day, that is why the frost was still on the unpainted wood. Then with her trying to help, got back on my feet. Well at the time my knee really didn't hurt, because it was numb from the crash. But it woke up later. Now my right arm just above the elbow was having a fit. When I spun the wheel to turn any corner it screamed at me. Needless to say, I was using my left hand to turn the rest of the day.

Now this is where the problem comes in. I did let Rose know about the fall. I didn't go to the Doctor, because I do not feel like they believe me or care when I go into Work Care. After the way they wouldn't listen to me back in June-September. Not to mention, I can not afford to lose 33% of my income, for some thing that I had no way of stopping.

So I will make sure that it gets all the proper paper work done on it and it goes to all the right people. So let this show as my first record on this stupid thing and I will keep everyone who gives a damn updated as it goes. Well I think that is all I got to say today. Here is to hoping that I will have better things to say tomorrow! Till then, HUGS